Further reading

You can read about recent and relevant research findings here.

On Risk/Protective factors

  • Relation of education and occupation-based socioeconomic status to incident Alzheimer's disease; Karp, Kareholt, Qiu, Bellander, Winblad and Fratiglioni Read article (PDF, 120KB)
  • Body mass index in midlife and late-life as a risk factor for dementia: a meta-analysis of prospective studies; Anstey, Cherbuin, Budge and Young Read article (PDF,156KB)
  • Diabetes and the risk of multi-system aging phenotypes: A systematic review and meta-analysis; Lu, Lin and Kuo Read article (PDF, 252KB)
  • Depressive symptoms and risk of dementia; Saczynski, Beiser, Seshadri, Auerbach, Wolf and Au Read abstract
  • Cholesterol as a risk factor for dementia and cognitive decline: A systematic review of prospective studies with meta-analysis; Anstey, Lipnicki, and Low Read abstract
  • Documented head injury in early adulthood and risk of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias; Plassman, et al. Read abstract
  • Smoking as a risk factor for dementia and cognitive decline: A meta-analysis of prospective studies; Anstey, von Sanden, Salim and O'Kearney Read article (PDF, 152KB)
  • Alcohol consumption as a risk factor for dementia and cognitive decline: Meta-analysis of prospective studies; Anstey, Mack and Cherbuin Read article (PDF, 140KB)
  • Influence of social network on occurrence of dementia: A community-based longitudinal study; Fratiglioni, Wang, Ericsson, Maytan and Winblad Read abstract
  • Physical activity, diet, and risk of Alzheimer's disease; Scameas, et al. Read article (PDF, 256KB)
  • Leisure activities and the risk of dementia in the elderly; Akbaraly, et al. Read abstract
  • Benefits of fatty fish on dementia risk are stronger for those without APOE e4; Huang, et al. Read abstract
  • Occupational exposure to pesticides increases the risk of incident AD; Hayden, et al. Read abstract

Dementia prevalence

  • Estimates of probable dementia prevalence from population-based surveys compared with dementia prevalence estimates based on meta-analyses; Anstey, Burns, Birrell, Steel, Kiely and Luszcz Read article (PDF, 856 KB)

Brain imaging

  • Brain imaging in Alzheimer's disease; Johnson, Fox, Sperling and Klunk Read article (PDF, 1.05BM)

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